In Honor of Memorial Day

I wasn’t planning on posting anything for Memorial Day… I really wasn’t. Most of my weekend has been spent visiting with family and working behind the scenes on some new changes I’ll be rolling out soon for my blog, so I was considering putting up a quick post explaining why I’d been missing for almost … [Read more…]

Five things you’re allowed to quit

I know, I know… Vince Lombardi has told you that “winners never quit, quitters never win” and all that jazz. You’ve been taught your entire life that quitting is a major character flaw. You’ve beat yourself up over and over again because you’ve tried so many times to do x, y and z only to … [Read more…]

Why I want to be more like my toddler

Over the past few days, I’ve realized that I want to be more like my toddler. As I watched him run around in the pouring down rain (remember this?), laughing and splashing in the puddles until his rain boots were full of water, I couldn’t help but think about the well-known quote by Vivian Greene: … [Read more…]

Five things I know my husband is lying to me about

My husband can’t lie. Okay, well he can, but he’s just really horrible at it. You see, there’s a certain face that he makes when he tries to lie that gives him away every. single. time. It’s like a half-smile, almost-laugh, smirky kind of face (best I’ve got, sorry). As you can imagine, this has … [Read more…]

Why I’m choosing my husband today

On the mountaintops, you celebrated with me. In the valleys, you met me where I was to pull me out. You fought for me when I was too afraid to fight on my own and believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. You constantly give more than you take and love me more … [Read more…]

Being Judged Sucks by Judgey McJudgerson

Being judged sucks. Over the past few years, I’ve become excruciatingly aware of how judgmental people can be. It mainly started with the announcement of my first pregnancy, which apparently gave anyone and everyone the green light to give me their two sense about what kind of food I should eat, how much caffeine I … [Read more…]