Being Judged Sucks by Judgey McJudgerson

Being judged sucks. Over the past few years, I’ve become excruciatingly aware of how judgmental people can be. It mainly started with the announcement of my first pregnancy, which apparently gave anyone and everyone the green light to give me their two sense about what kind of food I should eat, how much caffeine I … [Read more…]

When I didn’t want my kids to be my world

When I became a mom, I didn’t want my kids to be ‘my world.’ There… I said it. I remember scrolling through my news feed on Facebook and seeing pictures that my friends had posted of their kids with the captions ‘my whole world’ or ‘my whole life.’ Super sweet, but your whole world? Thanks, … [Read more…]

When comparison kicks you in the butt

I hate days like today. This afternoon I just sat and looked at my toddler and wondered, ‘Who the heck are you?’ It seems like those days are coming more and more often and this momma is becoming more and more weary. Where did I go wrong? I find myself comparing my child and my … [Read more…]

And I thought my kids were needy…..

I never realized what a needy person I was until I got married and had kids. Scratch that…… I never realized what a needy person I was until I had kids…… and then had to stay at home with them. It’s amazing how you totally take for granted something as simple as talking to another … [Read more…]


Perspective. It’s what happens when you get booted from your job and into the world of the stay-at-home mom. For every person who told me to enjoy it because they’re only little once, my mind was telling me something completely different. The phrases ‘I’m just a mom’ and ‘I’m just a wife’ were on repeat … [Read more…]