To my husband on Father’s Day

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In honor of Father’s Day, I wanted to write an elaborate post. I was going to thank you for the sacrifices you make every day, things you may think go unnoticed, and tell you how much the boys and I love you.

But it seemed so cliché.

So instead, I’m following your example and cutting to the chase.

 What you deserve this Father’s Day

You deserve to be treated like a king… to sleep in and wake up to a huge, homemade breakfast with all of your favorite foods.

You deserve to have the kids give you homemade cards, along with hugs and kisses, and tell you what an awesome Daddy you are.

You deserve for your wife to be in the same mood for the entire day (preferably happy).

You deserve a day where everyone gets along… no arguing, no talking back (I’m talking about the kids, of course).

You deserve to relax. To go fishing or watch ESPN. And if you want to play Clash Royale all day, you won’t even have to hide in the bathroom to do it.

What you’ll probably get

You’ll be awakened by the sound of our son yelling, “I need someone to wipe my bum!” When you see no signs of breakfast by 9:30 am, you’ll offer to run in town and get something… to which I will reply, “Can you swing by Panera and get me a frozen caramel while you’re out?”

Your homemade cards will be covered in construction stickers and tractor drawings, even though you could care less about either one. Malakai will want ‘the boys’ to wrestle, which will lead to him being put in time-out because he tackled his little brother and he’ll call you ‘mean Daddy.’

Your wife will probably be super cranky because she stayed up too late the night before working on her blog. Know what cures crankiness? A frozen caramel from Panera.

The kids will sense it’s a special day and decide to take their whining to a whole new level. We’ll decide that it’s naptime and then realize that it’s only 10 am. We’ll start praying for an early bedtime.

You won’t relax and you won’t even get to do anything you really enjoy. You’ll say there’s no time to go fishing and I guess ESPN is out of the question because we don’t have cable. You’ll hide in the bathroom and play Clash Royale… it will probably be the best part of your day.

But you won’t complain… not even once.

Because you always put us first and today will be no exception.

Over the years, you’ve traded video games for Bob the Builder, cable for Netflix, fishing for yard work and your pickup truck for a little car you hate.

The weight of our livelihood is on your shoulders as you work long hours to provide for us and yet you continuously ask me what you can do to lighten my load.

You offer to entertain the boys for the evening, after coming home from a twelve-hour shift, because you know I’m at my wits’ end (or way past it, if I’m being honest).

I could go on, but I suppose I did say I was cutting to the chase. So here it is:

It’s not the things you do that make you so amazing… it’s who you are. It’s your love for our family and how you make our time together a priority. It’s how you always protect and defend us. It’s the way you love our boys and the pride I can see on your face when you talk about them. It’s your commitment and your loyalty to us, how we never have to worry about you quitting when life gets tough. It’s how your strength holds us together when the devastation in life tries to tear us apart.

It’s your heart… your ever-loving, always giving, incredibly selfless heart.

Although the running joke is that we hope the boys don’t inherit your extremely ornery personality, stubbornness and weird sense of humor, there is one thing I do hope for them.

I hope that both of them grow up to have a heart just like their Daddy.

Happy Father’s Day… we love you so much!





  1. Anni

    Love this!! Sentimental, but so truthful in the “but here’s what you’ll probably get.” Because yeah… that’d be my family, too!

    Such a great post!

    • lindsay

      Thanks Anni! According to my husband, it was a good Father’s Day… so we’ll call it a win. 🙂

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