Letter to my pre-mom self

Dear Pre-Mom Self: Sleep. Whenever you can and however you can. Whether you’re sitting at a red light or waiting in line at McDonald’s drive thru… I don’t care… just. do. it. When interacting with others, remember to use your blinks to your advantage and make them as long as you can. Because your eyes … [Read more…]

In Honor of Memorial Day

I wasn’t planning on posting anything for Memorial Day… I really wasn’t. Most of my weekend has been spent visiting with family and working behind the scenes on some new changes I’ll be rolling out soon for my blog, so I was considering putting up a quick post explaining why I’d been missing for almost … [Read more…]

Five things you’re allowed to quit

I know, I know… Vince Lombardi has told you that “winners never quit, quitters never win” and all that jazz. You’ve been taught your entire life that quitting is a major character flaw. You’ve beat yourself up over and over again because you’ve tried so many times to do x, y and z only to … [Read more…]

Why I want to be more like my toddler

Over the past few days, I’ve realized that I want to be more like my toddler. As I watched him run around in the pouring down rain (remember this?), laughing and splashing in the puddles until his rain boots were full of water, I couldn’t help but think about the well-known quote by Vivian Greene: … [Read more…]

Five things I know my husband is lying to me about

My husband can’t lie. Okay, well he can, but he’s just really horrible at it. You see, there’s a certain face that he makes when he tries to lie that gives him away every. single. time. It’s like a half-smile, almost-laugh, smirky kind of face (best I’ve got, sorry). As you can imagine, this has … [Read more…]

Why I’m choosing my husband today

On the mountaintops, you celebrated with me. In the valleys, you met me where I was to pull me out. You fought for me when I was too afraid to fight on my own and believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. You constantly give more than you take and love me more … [Read more…]