Today we’re getting up close and personal

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Months ago, I read an article about a brand new mom who took her own life after a silent battle with postpartum depression. As I stared at the pictures of her, I couldn’t stop thinking about her family. Her husband and her daughter, who would now have to figure out how to live life without her. It was heartbreaking.

This story stuck in my mind for days and days because this woman, this beautiful new mama, could be anyone.

Because this mama was me.

I knew what was happening before I was officially diagnosed with postpartum depression. With my first baby, I had experienced a few weeks of the ‘baby blues’, so the second time around, I knew that what I was feeling wasn’t normal.

Not every mom gets that chance.

Right now, there are moms everywhere who are hiding in shame. Who are fighting this battle alone and sometimes losing. Who are afraid.

That they’re a bad mom.

That people will look down on them.

That they’re not good enough.

That they’ll be judged.


As moms, we all have our ‘thing’. It’s different for each one of us, but it’s there… some of us are just better at hiding it than others. And that’s our problem today, mamas. That we feel the need to hide it.

Because these days, our brutally honest admissions don’t bring empathy.

They bring judgement.

And they bring criticism.


Because let me tell you, I was afraid that people would see me as weak. But this? This right here is hands down one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I’m doing it. I’m doing it with my heart racing and my stomach in knots, but I’m doing it. This right here is proof that I’m stronger than I thought I was.

Because I’m willing to take a chance that I share my story and it helps no one. That I can do.

But I can’t stay quiet and wonder if my story might’ve helped someone.

I just can’t.

So while it’s been over a year since my diagnosis and I’m doing much better these days (as well as a stay-at-home-mom with two crazy kids can be), I felt compelled to share my story just in case one person needed to hear these words today.

Dear Postpartum Depression: You Are a LIAR