How a trampoline park and a car key gave me perspective

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I had high hopes for today.

My husband has been on vacation all week and each day we’ve tried to plan a little bit of quality family time. Some of that quality time may or may not have involved both kids whining and crying, and my husband and I about to lose our ever-lovin’ minds, but that’s okay. Memories, right?

Back to today. We paid another visit to our newly found, and soon-to-be family favorite place, the trampoline park. The kids loved it. They bounced (my one-year-old pretty much rolled, if I’m being honest) to the Disney music blaring from the speakers and dove in and out of the foam pit, laughing and smiling the entire time. Not to mention that with every bounce, step and jump, they were becoming more and more exhausted.

Mommy and Daddy for the win.

I was feeling pretty good about the day as I made a quick trip to the ladies room before we headed home. That is, until I flushed my car key down the toilet.

Yes, you read that right.

I flushed my car key down the toilet.

I never, ever carry my key in my pocket. Like, ever. My key has a special little pocket in my purse, so I always know where it is at all times. Today, of course, I decided to leave my purse in the car because I didn’t want to mess with it while we were jumping. So as I pulled my pants up, my key somehow flipped from my pocket and straight into the toilet… the toilet that was already in the process of flushing. I had no time to react. All I could do was watch as my key got sucked down the little, black hole, never to be seen again. I couldn’t do it again if I tried, and obviously I don’t want to try. Plus, my husband doesn’t really trust me with the car keys anymore. I don’t blame him.

The day didn’t really get any better. We had a huge medical bill waiting for us in the mailbox as soon as we got home. Our four-year-old decided that it would be a good idea to unwind an entire roll of toilet paper and throw it all in the toilet at the same time. Our one-year-old peed all over the bathroom rug while he was waiting to get a bath. It was one thing after another after another. So I did what any other mom would do when she’s about to lose it… I decided it was bedtime. I looked at the clock.

5:34 p.m.


Luckily, my son brought me a book and wanted me to read it to him. Perfect. Story time until bedtime. I could do that. We piled in bed, all four of us, and I read a story to them. After it was over, my husband looked at the kids and said, “As bad as things may have seemed today, it could always be so much worse.”

And he was right.

Darn it.

He was right and I knew it.

Bills can be paid, toilet paper can be cleaned up, rugs can be washed and keys can be replaced.

But you know what can’t be replaced?


The two incredible, little blessings that we get the privilege to raise.

They are strong, healthy and incredibly loving. They have so much personality and it has been such a joy to watch them as their love for each other grows. They’re also rotten to the core, but we wouldn’t change them for anything.

Don’t get me wrong; today wasn’t one of our worst days. Trust me, we’ve had far, far worse. But when you’re exhausted, physically and mentally, your mind can make you believe all kinds of things. Now that the kids are both peacefully sleeping and we’re no longer in the heat of the moment, it’s much easier to look back on the day and wonder what you were even upset about.

Oh yeah.

I flushed my key down the toilet.

My husband, who was extremely gracious about the entire key ordeal, reminded me that one day we would look back at this moment and laugh because it’s such a funny story. I didn’t laugh then and I’m not laughing now, but maybe eventually.

So while flushing my key down the toilet may not have left me with a funny memory, it did leave me with one thing: